What to Teach in Your First Guitar Lesson?

When I started out teaching, I was quite lost on what to do during a guitar lesson with a new student. Over the years I have devised a method, which I wanted to share with you in case you are wondering where to start. I offer the first guitar lesson for half price as I get to know my students and the way they learn during that time. It doesn’t really take me any time to prepare as I just ask them some questions and use the materials I’m about to share with you below. I use these steps and their order can of course be changed (apart from tuning I guess – it is the most important thing tot each in my opinion).

  •  I make sure they know how to tune their guitar – with a tuner and if I have time – by ear. For that they also need to know the names of the open strings.
  • I teach them the Chromatic Scale (or a part of it), so I can evaluate how all of their fingers work independantly.
  • I see what chords they already know, and if none, then I show them some basic chords and explain how to read fretboxes.
  • Find out what music they like. This is the second most important thing. There are MANY ways in which you can learn the guitar. What better way to do it than with the songs and artists you LOVE? I believe that’s why my students progress quickly.

Here are the 2 compulsory sheets I give my students in the first lesson:

If you’d like a consultation or you simply want to start your guitar lessons, feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions.

Hope this helps and wish you a lovely day!
All the best!
Neli 🙂

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