Neli is an international Guitarist whose positivity will energise your day and supercharge your guitar lessons. Born in Varna, Bulgaria, in 2012 she moved to London. There she took her guitar studies further with a Higher Diploma and BMus (Hons Degree) in Popular Music Performance, completing both at high standards and creating her private teaching practice there. She also attended numerous masterclasses and workshops by virtuoso and world famous guitarists such as Guthrie Govan, Nile Rodgers, Nita Strauss, Andy McKee, Devin Townsend among others. After years of success, she relocated to Sofia, Bulgaria, in pursue of a calmer lifestyle.

Her Songwriting, Session Guitar and Performance experiences have seen her playing all over Europe in many musical styles, from Rock, to Punk, Metal, Classical, Pop, World and Soul – playing at sold out venues (The Ruby Lounge, Manchester) and prestige events (The House of Lords, London). She also has experience in working as Social Media Manager and Creative and Product Manager for student run record label Dyne Road Recordings. Currently Neli can be found teaching guitar and ukulele, crafting new and exciting shows with and working alongside her husband in performing functions.
“In addition, [Neli is] a multi-linguist, with fantastic communication and organisation skills. She is an asset to our team in this way.” – Bruce Music

Neli’s 15th b-day and her first electric guitar

A little history from Neli’s childhood: she is a big lover of video games and TV shows, as well as all sorts of films. However when she was young she was diagnosed with epilepsy. That meant no more long hours playing Super Mario and watching Animal Planet, but on the other side, she intensified her reading, sometimes completing a book in a day! It also developed other hobbies of hers such as drawing, while listening to music. When Neli was first introduced to the band Nirvana by her father(Lyubo), she knew she had to learn to play like Kurt Cobain. Lyubo is a hobby guitarist, so he started teaching her. Her enthusiasm to learn more and more was growing so quickly, that soon after she started having private lessons. She was also learning a lot of things on her own via the Internet and through numerous hobby bands that she participated in.