Music Stands:


Here are some strings I recommend and feel free to buy a multi-pack as you will need them and that way it works out cheaper.

For electric guitar, it depends highly on the scale length you’re using, but here is a link to ones that will work fine on any guitar, but are perfect for longer scale lengths.

Guitar “Accessories”:

Backing Tracks:

You can find a lot of good guitar backing tracks if you CLICK HERE. Another good place for finding them is on YouTube. Just type your song name +backing track. YouTube is also the best place to find backing tracks to practice your improvisation. If you want to practice your C scale and your improvising over it, just type “backing track in c” and you’ll find tracks of all genres to experiment with. You can also get some on Amazon if you wish.

One-to-one Lessons:

Get a lesson with me in person, or online, by clicking here. Also don’t hesitate to contact me and request a YouTube tutorial for free like this one 🙂

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