Do you love music and want to learn more about it? Then you are my PERFECT student! I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves through music or play whatever comes to them. That is why I teach music lessons in Sofia and anywhere around the world (via online of course).

I live and breathe everything and anything happening in the music world. That is how I can pride myself on being at the forefront of quality one-to-one, group and online teaching.

My aim is to nourish our students’ creativity in every music lesson. I can also prepare my students for graded exams such as RGT, ABRSM, Rockschool or Trinity.

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“Hey there!

I’m Neli, a guitar tutor based in Sofia. I love playing all sorts of genres and that is why I love teaching! I’m creating this website and the services within it because I want to offer a quality way for you to learn at your own pace without breaking the bank.

I might not be making top dollar doing what I do, but what I do make is a lot of satisfied students, fiends and happy colleauges, while enjoing every moment of it all!

I’m looking forward to seeing your happy face when you learn how to play the songs you want!

All the best!
Neli :)”


Qualifications: BTEC level 5 Professional Diploma in Music Performance (Distinction)
  BMus (Hons) 2:1 in Popular Music Performance
  Child Protection Awareness Certificate – EduCare
Instruments: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar
Genre/Style(s): Any styles you are interested in – I have taught anything from classical, contemporary acoustic, through jazz to metal electric guitar.
Ability Levels: Ability Levels:


When I was 18 years old, I did something I only now realise was pretty scary. I moved from living with my parents in my small homecountry of Bulgaria, to the music capital of the world – London, to pursue my higher education in music.

Since then I have been playing in (a bit too many to list) projects as a guitarist, and a few as a bassist too! I play all sorts of genres as well – world music, rock, progressive metal, urban soul, acoustic, classical, pop… basically anything I like the sound of. And boy do I have an eclectic taste in music! That’s why I found teaching to be a perfect fit. Each of my students likes a varied mix of music as well, so I feel very lucky in that regard. Who wouldn’t like a job where they get to discover new songs all the time, and make people happy in the process?


It is exciting and exhillarating to all of a sudden get to a place where you are surrounded by like-minded musicians. In my first year at uni, I learnt SO MANY things not only from my teachers, but also from my PEERS. That is when I realised there is no single place you can learn music and no single person who can teach it all to you. That is why I created an online community for like-minded guitarists to learn with quality resources and without breaking the bank, or even learn music for FREE!

I can’t express how happy it makes me to see our Guitar Family grow! I can only hope that my experience and advise is helpful and our community keeps supporting you on your musical journey.  Please feel free to join our Guitar Family below where you will find guitarists of all levels sharing tips, ideas and hanging out, as well as receive some exclusive free subscriber-only guitar exercises and tips straight from me!


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