5 Reasons to Start Guitar Lessons


Want to learn how to play the guitar? Understandable. Who doesn’t want to play the guitar solo from their favorite track or serenade a dear person with a special song? In addition to being a lot of fun, playing the guitar comes with a bunch of other benefits that you shouldn`t neglect. Such as…

  1. Reduces stress

You are having a tough day? A walk along the guitar fretboard can make you feel much better. Immersion in an activity that is enjoyable – like playing a guitar, will make you forget all the worries. Health benefits from spending some time with your guitar have also been proven – the Harvard University Health Center conducted a study on the effects of music on patients undergoing cardiac surgery and found out that ballads do indeed reduce nervousness.

2. Make friends

With a guitar in hand, you will certainly make a lot of new friendships too. Playing in a band or participating in a jam session (a concert where all the musicians present can take part and improvise) is a great way to meet new people. The common passion will bring you together with the right people – even if you don’t play together, music is a great topic for conversation that will surely bring you closer to like-minded people.

3. Become the life of the party!

With a guitar in hand and even beginner’s skills, no party will be boring if you are there! Live music makes every event special. This way you will not only provide entertainment for yourself on every occasion but also for the rest of the people.

4. Improves math and English skills

Yes, that too! Music theory is based on mathematical concepts, including how scales and chords work. So even the brief playing of several chords actually sharpens basic arithmetic skills. Reading music is also similar to a language, and in turn sharpens your comprehension skills. Furthermore, if you are looking for information on the Internet – you will find it mainly in English, which will inevitably expand your English vocabulary. But if something is not clear, you can always send a message or email – just follow the links below. 🙂

  1. Develops multitasking skills

While playing, guitarists not only develop their musical skills – they also train their ability to multitask. To be a good guitar player you will need to be able to simultaneously:

  • Read notes, chords, or tabs;
  • Listen and analyze sounds in real time;
  • Keep rhythm;
  • Play the right strings with one hand…
  • While with the other you press the strings for the right tones or create chord shapes.

And when you get to the stage, you’ll have to keep track of what’s going on and around it… Your ability to multitask will develop at the speed of light and quickly talking on the phone while stirring a pot on the stove will be child’s play! 😀

It doesn’t matter if you are in London, New York, Hong Kong, Sicily, Cairo, Sydney, the other end of the world, or near me in Sofia, Bulgaria, to start studying! Sign up for a lesson live or online here. You can also start with some of Neli Music’s free YouTube tutorials like this one and this one.

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