FIRST LESSON: What to expect?


Deciding to start guitar lessons is utterly exciting. However, as the first lesson approaches, many students are wondering what they need to know before it, how exactly it will go, whether they should prepare something, and so on. In order to save you the hassle, we have gathered here everything you need to know about your first lesson with Neli!

Getting to know each other

Take your first lesson as an “acquaintance” – as important as it is for you to get to know your teacher, it is all the more important to let your teacher get to know you.

One of the first things Neli will ask you is what your experience with the guitar is so far – if you have any. Other important questions that will arise are what kind of guitar you want to learn, what styles of music you are interested in, what musicians inspire you – everything that will help Neli get an idea of ​​what kind of musician you want to be.

Remember – there are no wrong answers! If you already have some experience, do not worry at all about what level your playing is at or how much you know about music theory. If you are not sure what style you want to play yet, this also will come with time. You don’t need to know everything in advance – the reason for attending guitar lessons is that you want to develop your playing. The lessons with Neli are a place where you will learn about music, guitar and yourself.

Adjusting the guitar

After you clear these things, Neli will show you how to tune your guitar – with a tuner or by ear. You will also need to know the string names for this. If you’re still a stranger to them though, don’t worry! You’ll learn them together, and you’ll get a template that shows you where the notes on the guitar are.

Basic techniques

In this very first lesson, Neli will also teach you some basic techniques or theories. Depending on your previous experience and knowledge, these may be new chords, she might teach you how to read the chord charts themselves or introduce you to the Chromatic Scale (or a part of it). Don’t be frightened at all – everything will be according to your level.

In the meantime…

While all of this is happening, Neli will get familiar with the way you study – whether you learn better from written materials, through demonstration, or by hearing. This will allow her to design a personalized program for you, with which you will develop your skills most effectively and pleasantly.

In your first lesson, you will not learn how to become a rock star or how to play your favorite song, but you and Neli will lay a solid foundation for success. Take advantage of a 50% discount on your first lesson – sign up HERE today and start your musical adventure!

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