6 Benefits of one-to-one online guitar classes

So you’ve heard about online guitar lessons but you’re not sure whether that is a good idea? You wouldn’t know for sure until you give it a try, but there are some undeniable benefits of online guitar lessons that you should consider. Online classes are not a new thing and have proven their value and effectiveness by being the preferred learning method by many. Same goes for guitar lessons! Here are 6 perks of taking your lessons online:

  1. Choose your teacher

Probably the best benefit of learning online is that you can access great professionals of your liking anywhere in the world. You can pick a teacher that’s a good fit for you personally because your choices are not just limited to the classes within your city. You can check out performances of the teacher and look for someone with a certain specialty before enrolling. That super awesome performer you saw on Instagram can be your new teacher!

  1. Flexibililty

A lot of people are interested in learning to play the guitar, but because of lack of sufficient time don’t do it. You may have a chaotic class schedule, work commitments, or other responsibilities that scare you off because you don’t believe you can fit a class in your schedule. Taking online classes will save you a lot of time – all the travelling back and forth to a specific place – which might be just the time reduction needed to fit the guitar lesson in your day.  Also, since neither you nor your teacher would have to spend time travelling you will both be more flexible when setting the time for your lesson.

  1. Cost-Efficiency

Having one-to-one online lessons wouldn’t deprive you from much of what an in person lesson would include, but you will save money. On one hand because neither you nor  your teacher will spend money on transportation and thus the fee for the lesson would be smaller. And on the other hand you can benefit actually also from the exchange rate if your teacher is in another county. For example last year Neli moved to Bulgaria – a country whose currency is cheaper than the British pound and the Euro for example. Thus she can offer her high quality lessons for a price that would be smaller than the usual rate in other countries.

  1. Individual approach

There are numerous ways in which you can learn the guitar, but in Neli’s years of experience the best way is through individual approach. In online classes it goes exactly the same as in in person lessons. The students learn best through music they personally like – and that’s what they get – tailored lessons with their favorite songs. Online it is even easier to directly exchange songs and files with exercises in real time during the lesson!

  1. Warming up and continuing to practice

In the comfort of your home you can start with the warm up before the actual class starts. This way you will not only show off your best playing to your teacher but will also get more out of the lesson. Also after you are done with the class you can just continue practicing and make sure you got everything right. You can also reach out to your teacher at any time in  between your lessons to ask for additional support.

  1. Recording lessons

If you are learning through live online sessions, with the consent of your teacher you can easily record your lessons for review at a later time. This way you will have the confidence to cover everything from each lesson on your own before continuing forward. Your teacher can also write down what you should focus on, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

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