Can I learn the guitar on my own?

Good news – the simple answer is “yes”! Nowadays we are quite fortunate when it comes to learning – our parents had to learn from their parents, a friend, visit classes or by ear. Today we have all the knowledge need on the Internet and it is up to us to just find it and utilize it. I encourage you to look for the sources that best suit your goals, but here are some recommendations from Neli for sources of proven quality:

Ultimate Guitar  – is a great tool to have when studying on your own as you can find a lot of great tabs there. For over 1 000 000 songs to be exact! If you subscribe to the pro version, you can open the tabs and slow down the tempo, loop the difficult bars and play along as if it’s a backing track since you can mute your own instrument. And if you don’t want to spend money, the free version is awesome too, especially when combined with the software below.

The community on UG is a very strong one – there are over 10 million registered users and the forum is always buzzing with new topics. There you can find answers to all sorts of questions and place your own. In the article section of the website you can also find tips and tricks, the latest music industry news and some useful reviews.

Guitar Pro – is a multitrack editor of guitar and bass tablature and musical scores, possessing a built-in MIDI-editor, a plotter of chords, a player, a metronome and other tools for musicians. It is not a free software – in order to continuously use it you need to invest in a license. But you have 30 days to decide if it is suitable for you with their “Try Before You Buy” offer. Guitar Pro allows you to edit your music scores and tablature for guitar, bass, and ukulele, as well as create backing tracks for drums or piano. It is a thorough yet user-friendly tool for musicians who wish to get better, compose, or simply play along.

Justin Guitar – in Justin’s website you will find lessons for all levels, tutorials for certain songs, articles on everything guitar… and more! The best thing – everything is free and accessible at all times. If you have the resources to also invest money he offers also digital courses and an app for beginners which is available for iOS. Justin is an experienced musician and excellent teacher which is why you will usually find his website in most lists for the best online guitar lessons websites.

In the adventure of learning how to play the guitar on your own, the support of like-minded people will help you a lot. That is why we are inviting you to our Guitar Family! Join us for some guitar talk, free lessons, tips, tricks and more. If you have a question the answer to which you have trouble finding – we will gladly find it for you!

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