9 Gift ideas for the Guitarist in Your Life

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I am almost done, but I realised that I did need to do a few Google searches for inspiration, however a lot of them came up with some very vague gift ideas. So if you’re searching for something for your guitarist friend or relative, here’s a list of things that are curious, useful or would just make their eyes shine! The list is useful from beginners to proper guitar nerds and includes all price points, so I hope it helps you.

  • Blackstar Fly 3 Bluetooth (£74.76 )
    This is one of my favourite toys recently! Perfect for the electric guitarist – it’s a small practice amp, BUT you can also use it as a speaker via Bluetooth! The guitar sounds are the best I have heard from a practice amp that small. It has a clean and an overdrive channel, as well as delay and is very easy to use even by beginners. Another perk that I love is that it can be powered by batteies, so it makes it perfect for moving around (like when I’m teaching), or just going into different rooms. Saying that, it does use 6 batteries, so it might be useful to grab some reachargeable batteries for it.
  • Guitar Advent Calendar (FREE)
    Yep – December is already happening! But hey – this calendar will stay open for a while, so take advantage and give them a pre-Christmas gift. I’m giving it away for free this year to spread some cheer, so who knows? Maybe they’ll serenade you with the song that it leads up to on Christmas day!
  • Guitar Mug (£10.99 )
    Did you get an overambitious request this season? This mug just says it perfectly! “All I wanted for Christmas was a guitar and all I got was this!” and hey! Fill it up with some hot chocolate or coffee and they would have gotten more than they deserved anyway! 😀 But in case you actually want to help them fullfil their dreams, keep on reading!
  • Guitar Care Kit (£29.99)
    This kit from Dunlop is a useful and longlasting gift for those who want to take care of their guitar babies. It has everything you’d need to clean your guitar and keep it looking and feeling shiny, fresh and new for ages!
  • 1001 Guitars To Dream Of Playing Before You Die (£20.00)
    This book is pure guitar porn! Nevermind the pretty guitar images – you can also satisfy the tech nerd with this too! My husband loves this book, and it is very informative. The perfect gift for those who want to learn more about their precious instruments!
  • Guitar Pick Wallet (£18.50)
    You might know that loosing picks is the kryptonite to all guitar players. As soon as we drop them, they disappear in another dimention and don’t even think of trying to find one if you’ve left for a second to go do something else. That’s where this comes in handy! Both me and my husband have it and I personally didn’t loose a single pick while using it and it comes with a few picks inside too. Furthermore – it’s called Pickpokit 😀 Don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of wordplay!
  • Peg Winder and String Cutter (£9.00)
    This is a very useful gift! Beginners are unlikely to have anything like that, but mark my words – as soon as they need to change a string they’ll be very grateful! Trust me doing this manually is one of the longest, most boring and frankly just painful for the wrist! Save your loved one’s hands for better use like playing you some tunes 🙂
  • Help them make their dreams come true! (£25-500)
    Get them a gift card, so they can buy the guitar of their dreams! You can just help them along or gift them the opportunity to chose all the gear they’d dream of! Staff in this chain are friendly and knowledgeable and they have anything you might want.
  • Build their custom guitar! ($25 – $1,500)
    Warmoth is in my opinion the best and most consistant company to get your custom made guitar. That means their gift certificates are the perfect thing to gift the pro guitarist who seems to already have everything! And a little secret – that’s what I’m getting my husband this year to help him on his quest of building the ultimate guitar! From their website you can get just some parts to build it yourself, or you can ask them to create your perfect instrument! It’s all up to you 🙂